Pool/Spa/Steam Room

SWIMMING POOL – 32 degree Heated Saltwater pool with easy access steps and handrail . See our timetable for Casual Swimming times

SPA – 38 degrees. Relax in the spa and let your muscles be massaged with the powerful jets.  See our timetable for male, female and mixed session times.

STEAM ROOM – Enjoy the feel good factor to the full in the more accessible, modern-day successor to the magnificent bathing palaces of the Romans, also known as : “steam baths” or “Roman baths”.

Today you can unwind amid clouds of soothing vapour in a constant humidity of 100% in rooms with walls and ceilings of special plastic – an elegant and exclusive setting in which to enjoy a truly relaxing bathing experience which is quite unlike any other.

The gentle heat and high humidity work like a massage on your body, increasing blood circulation and gently easing tense muscles.

At the same time, the steam penetrates deep into your pores, cleansing the skin, leaving it soft and smooth and continuing to invigorate you long after your steam bath is over.